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A multi-faceted Rock Band based in San Francisco Cold Shoulder is making music that is high energy, hard hitting and most importantly fun!

Meeting through a humble Craigslist ad Jacob Baptista (drums), Joe Faria (guitar), Jason Kinney (Bass) and Marcus Dylan (Vocals) formed what would become Cold Shoulder.

Heavily influenced by their love of various era's of rock, Cold Shoulder draws inspiration from Alice in Chains, Nickelback, Badflower and more. Their overreaching ambition is to bring a fresh new sound that is gritty, while not taking itself too seriously.

Cold Shoulder has 5 Singles in their repertoire namely Don't Call Me, Know Your Enemy, Faithless, Be Patient and Can You. The band released their much-anticipated self-titled debut EP on June 11th, 2021. The band is showing no signs of slowing down and has multiple future releases planned.


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