A band of brothers who came into each other’s life via Craigslist... 

Humbly based out of the San Francisco, CA, Cold Shoulder came to formation when Joe Faria (Guitar), Jason Kinney (Bass), Marcus Dylan (Vocals) and Jacob Baptista (Drums) met through a Craigslist ad. Little did they know this Craigslist ad would be the beginning of Cold Shoulder. In November of 2018, the band met for the first time and jammed to their influences such as Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. They had an instant connection and decided to continue playing and writing songs together. 

Cold Shoulder has one goal which is to bring back the raw, visceral Rock/Grunge music they grew up listening to.  Their first single “Don’t Call Me” was released on August 30, 2019. They have since released two more singles, "Know Your Enemy" and "Faithless". "Faithless" was released on January, 24th, 2020. Cold Shoulder is currently recording their debut EP and will be announcing a release date soon!